What’s it all about?


Seeing as I’m starting up a blog you’re probably wondering what it’s all about (that or you’re thinking o no not again!)

Well I’ve decided I needed a new challenge and this time it’s gonna be a big one, but what to do? I knew I wanted to raise money for charity and really go for it on the fundraising front but more on that another time (now those of you that I’ve knobbled for donations before are definitely thinking not again!).

The challenge then, what could I do? Well ever since I discovered what an Ironman triathlon was I wanted to do one. To me it was the epitome of endurance and biggest sporting challenge I could think of without spending weeks on some ultramarathon expedition style challenge. So at this point you’re thinking I’m gonna do an Ironman right? Well no, not yet anyway. Completing an Ironman seems more like a lifestyle choice than a challenge to me. I just don’t have the time when I’m trying to do other things at the minute like saving to move out and go travelling. So I decided to come up with my own Iron related challenge.

Instead of completing an Ironman in a day, I’m going to split it over three weekends (hopefully consecutively) and complete a swim, bike and run of (pretty much) the same distance as an Ironman. I reckon splitting up the events will mean I can train for each individually and makes it a difficult but do-able challenge. So I’ve started up this blog to let anyone that cares know a bit about how training is going, to help motivate myself and to plug my attempts at fundraising! Hopefully I’ll be able to share some training knowledge too for anyone interested, afterall my degree has to be useful for something right? So hopefully you’ll enjoy reading some of my posts and feel free to comment to give me encouragement or let me know how stupid you think I am.

As my plans become more complete I’ll let you know more, but that’s all for now.



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