The Challenge Part 1- Swimming


Usually every good triathlon starts with a swim, Ironman is no different and neither is this challenge. I think I’ve found three events of similar distance to an Ironman that I can do on three consecutive weekends in June, the plans need some going over but I’m pretty certain about the swim. Weirdly the swim was easiest to decide on because it was the hardest to find. There’s not a great deal of openwater swims of around 2.4 miles in the country next summer, that’s why I’m having to travel all the way to Lake Windemere to do the Great North Swim.

The Great North Swim is over the weekend of the 13-15th June (thanks to their website for being so vague about the exact day of the swim), ideal for the beginning of the challenge because it gives me maximum training time without interfering with my plans to go travelling in July. There are multiple options for the distance of the swim, I was thinking of the 2 mile option as it’s closest to the typical Ironman. But my sadistic mind is telling me it’s cheating to do less when there’s a longer option of 5km (just over 3 miles for you old folks). I’d like to know what people think? Is 2 miles enough? Or should I go for the longer option and really challenge myself? Comment below and let me know what you think, I won’t be entering till next year (not actually that far away!) so it’d be good to hear what people think and you can make the decision for me!

So with the plan for part 1 forming, all I need to do is sort out the logistics and pick a distance to enter (I’m sure there’s loads of other stuff I’ve not even considered yet). O and I should probably start swimming as the closest I’ve got to it in the last 6 months is going head first off my bike into a puddle.



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