The Challenge Part 2- Cycling


The rough plan so far is that the weekend after swimming the Great North Swim, I’ll do a ridiculously long bike ride. I’ve found a few around the century mark that weekend which has just made it harder to choose, but I think I’ve picked one. The Liverpool-Chester bike ride. I’m gonna go for the 100 mile option from Liverpool to Chester, round Cheshire and back via Chester again to Liverpool.

The appeal of the ride is all in it’s location (a strange thing to say about something round Liverpool!). 100 miles seems like a lot on a bike (it seems like a lot on anything that doesn’t fly to me) so I think the odd bit of familiar scenery will help take my mind off the gravity of the challenge. Briefly re-visiting Chester will be nice as, for anyone that doesn’t know, it’s where I went to Uni and, seeing as I only moved back to Derby a few months ago, I miss it.

So as the plan goes it’s the Great North Swim followed by the Liverpool-Chester Bike ride on the 22nd June. Plans for the run will soon be in place as it looks like my options are limited, but more of that in the eagerly anticipated tertiary phase of the challenge (do doo d d d dooo, I’ll be impressed if anyone gets that reference).



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