Warm Up Events


I’ve been looking over my plan for the challenge and I’ve decided taking part in a few warm up events could be a good idea. Obviously I enjoy these kinds of events (or I wouldn’t be doing the challenge!) which is reason enough to do a few more but I think they could really help me keep my training on track and test where I’m up to at different points. I’ve read a lot about planning out your season on tri websites and they talk about having A, B and C races, where A are your key races (for me the big challenge in June), B are improtant races to aim for PBs but don’t matter if mistakes are made and C are races to try out new things and test your fitness level. So here are the races I’m considering and with what category they fall into…

Sport Relief (C) 21st-23rd March

This year Sport Relief has a tri theme of swim, bike and run events. I’m thinking of doing two of these local events. The main challenge will be a 2.5km swim at Etwall, an early test of my swimming endurance with the aim just to make it to the end regardless of time. The following day I plan to run 6 miles at Moorways, again it’s about getting round but this time I’ll expect a respectable time, probably around 40 minutes.

Ashbourne Duathlon (C) 6th April

The real eye catcher with this event is that it’s potentially free with Punishing Events offering free entry to anyone that volunteers to be a marshal, which is a great money saving idea! I’ve never done a duathlon so I like the idea of something new and, with a 5km run, 30km bike and another 5km run, it’ll be a little test of my cycling and a test of my ability to run whilst shattered. My aim will be to just get through the two run sections but really put the hammer down on the bike and test my cycling.

Ashbourne Triathlon (B) 11th May

Just over a month before the challenge kicks off I really want to test myself and see if my trainings been working. The aim is to get a PB in this sprint triathlon (Current PB is 1:16:39), this will show that my trainings working and I’m fit enough to hit race pace, then I can crack on over the next month with pushing the distances.

Ramathon Half Marathon (C) 8th June

A week before the start of my challenge sees the return of the Ramathon, this race will be a good final run to test how ready I am. I don’t want to push too hard and risk injury but by then I should be comfortable enough with a half marathon.

This is just an early plan and things may change but hopefully these events will be good motivation and a good challenge. If anyone wants to join me on any of these let me know!



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