New Years Resolutions



Just a quick blog to let you know about my new years resolutions. I’ve got a few this year but here are my aims centred round sport…

1) Train Consistently- Something that I can never seem to do so this year I’m determined to be as consistent as possible.

2) Train Smart- I want to use some of the scientific knowledge I gained at uni so if no one will pay me for it, I may as well use it on myself. Hopefully this will add quality to my training and really improve me as an athlete.

3) Push Myself- I want to see how far, how fast and how hard I can train and race. Right now I’m not very fit. By June I’ll be taking on a huge challenge. I need to push myself to get through it.

Hopefully if I can make my training consistent and smart then push myself hard, it’ll be a good year. Hope you guys have a good year too.



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