23 weeks to go


I’ve decided to do a weekly training update so I can keep an eye on how much training I’ve got in and write about anything interesting that’s happened over the week.

This weeks exercise has been minimal but I suppose the only way is up.

Swimming- None- I’m blaming this on financial restrictions but I need to get going soon!

Cycling- Negligable- This week I’ve got some new goodies for my bike. I had to replace some of the things I lost when my bike was stolen so I’ve got a new computer and bottle cage. I also decided to step up to big boy pedals, but I’m not sure I’m ready! I went on yesterday with the intention of an easy ride to get used to clipping in. I didn’t even manage to get off my road without falling over… three times. After writing this though I’m cycling the 23 miles to my mums house and back again. With my record for falling off I may as well say bye now.

6 miles running- Again a poor effort, I’ve ran to and from the gym twice with a little extra on top. I’m gonna have to step it up a bit next week.

Extras- Two gym sessions this week and I’m starting to get stronger, especially my legs. I can now do squats and not need a wheel chair the next day. Hopefully this will improve my cycling and running too!

So overall a bad start to the year but I’m optimistic. Going back to work next week will get me cycling a lot more and it won’t take much to do more swimming or running. Let’s just hope I get used to clipping into my pedals quickly!



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