21 weeks to go


Another busy week, especially the weekend. I promise I’ll get round to putting up some more interesting blogs soon but for now here’s an update on my training…

Swimming- None again- This will be rectified tomorrow, I am going swimming (I said that last week and never went). I’m quite likely to drown but that’s probably my fault for not going in so long. My technique was best described as diabolical before. Now I’m not sure I’ll even be able to swim.

Cycling- 25 miles- I’m not sure how this is possible because I usually do that much in my Tuesday commute alone. I know I did less this week than last but there must be something wrong with my cycle computer.

Running- 8 miles- Down on last week but I’m still getting quicker so I’m happy, I want to stick with the speed work but add in a long run each week.

Extras- Two gym sessions.

So down on last week but the next will be better. I’m going to get out more and get blogging more so watch this space…



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