Getting Organised… Finally


I’ve been trying to sort out the events I’m doing and finalise some plans. I finally got myself organised and yesterday I went online and entered two thirds of my challenge.

Anyone with a photographic memory, or too much time on their hands, might remember that I started the blog with a bit about the first two parts of the challenge (swim and bike). So there’s no prizes for guessing which bits I’ve entered.

Firstly, I entered the Great North Swim. There was two days over the weekend to chose from but I went with the Sunday (I think all three events will be on a Sunday) so it all officially kicks off on 15th June. There was a slight problem with entering and it wasn’t just the steep price (£46… maybe I’m tight but that comes with being skint!). After a lot of deliberation I’d decided to really challenge myself and pick the 5km option, but when I went to enter it had sold out. Luckily the 2 mile (1.8km shorter) option wasn’t so I’ve had to enter that instead. If I’m honest I feel slightly relieved as it’s now been so long since I went swimming I’m starting to dread the thought of going in case I drown.

Secondly, I entered the Liverpool-Chester bike ride. I had free range of distances this time so I went with the longest, 100 miles. If there’s any Ironman veterans reading this you’re probably laughing at how pathetic that is, but seeing as my longest weekly ride is the 30 or so miles round commute to work on a Tuesday, it’s going to be quite a challenge. And with a time limit of 7 hours I can’t do my usual thing of not bothering to train anywhere near the full distance because if I burn up and plod along (a la Chester marathon 2012) I could struggle to complete the ride in time.

So two events entered and one to go. It’s looking like I’m going to be doing the Coombe Abbey Marathon because it’s nicely timed meaning each event will be on three consecutive weekends. The only problem is the organisers website doesn’t seem the best and it’s hard to find any information about the event or how to enter so I’ve emailed to find out more. Hopefully I’ll enter soon and my plans with be finalised. That will give me chance to focus on sorting out the fundraising side of things.

All I’ve got to do now is get training. So if you see me over the next few weeks and I’m walking like I’m saddle sore and my feet are covered in blisters, don’t be surprised. Also, if you find me floating face down in a pool feel free to save me and congratulate me on attempting to go swimming again.



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