Swimming Swimming Swimming, Shame There Was No Lanes


Ahhhhh the familiar old smell of chlorine, the splash of water, the screaming children, the err… brightly coloured inflatables? It was at this point I realised what Alice (my wonderful girlfriend for anyone that doesn’t know) had just said “Inflatables… fun session… how are we going to swim?”. Nevertheless this is breaking news. For the first time this year, in fact for the first time in over half a year, I went swimming. And I didn’t even drown.

Despite going for less than an hour and spending most that time dodging the flailing legs of children climbing onto floats, it’s been my best swimming session so far (and the worst I suppose). It’s been far too long since I went swimming so I’m just happy I finally pulled my thumb out and went.

It was good to know I could still swim but my technique is as bad as ever. As soon as I get in to water my legs become utterly useless. I’m thinking I could really do with a few lessons with a swimming coach, anyone out there want to help me for free? The only plus point I can think of was that I can still breath while swimming so I mustn’t be that unfit.

All I need now is to start going regularly and work on both my technique and endurance. Wish me luck!


P.S. A prize goes to anyone that knows which song inspired this blogs title, I’ll be impressed if anyone gets it!


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