Sport Relief


Thanks to a broken laptop it’s been ages since I last blogged. But I’ve managed to get Alice’s to work for more than 12 seconds (a bigger miracle than Zombieism- pancake day related joke for you). So I thought I’d start my first blog back by asking for money… please?

I’m still in the process of sorting things out but my sport relief challenge should be a good one.The plan is to swim 2.5km (100 lengths) on Saturday 22nd and run 6 miles on Sunday 23rd. So far I’ve only entered the swim as I can’t figure out how to enter two events with one fundraising page. But I’ll sort it out in the next few days and make sure I’m in both.

Training wise, I’ve been enjoying my cycling lately so that side of things is going well (I’m the second fastest person on my road according to Strava). A little while ago my running was picking up but I’d barely done any swimming. Now it’s swapped round and I’ve started swimming regularly but stopped running. That’s why sport relief has come at a good time.

These are both things I’ve done a few times in the past but I haven’t been fit enough to do recently. I’ve got a decent base fitness and, with two weeks left, some consistent training should see me through. The swim will be the bigger challenge and will have me well on track to swim 2 miles in June. A 6 mile run should get me back on track too. I was doing a few short runs in the week and some speed stuff in the gym and managing to hit 6 minute miles before, but after a cold and a few weeks without much running that will be long gone. So I’m going to blow out the cobwebs tomorrow morning.

So here comes the begging bit. I’m sure you’re aware of what a great cause Sport Relief is and of all the great work they do in the UK and abroad so if any of you feel kind enough to make a donation, however small, I’d be extremely grateful (and, more importantly, so would the people the money goes to helping out). Here’s the link to my page

Thanks in advance.



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