Quick Update


Seeing as Alice’s laptop is working for more than 5 minutes (mine’s still useless) I thought I’d write a quick update. This ones concerning my first win in triathlon and how I know I’m an exercise addict.

First things first. I’m a winner! Before anyone gets too shocked and/or excited, I’ve not won a race. But I have won a pair of headphones in a 220 competition. It’s not the biggest win ever but it makes up for not getting a single number in the lottery yesterday!

Seeing as I’d won I looked at the 220 site and saw an interesting article. They’d asked people on twitter “when did you realise you’re a triathlon fanatic?” and some of the answers were applicable to me, as well as funny/worrying. A lot are to do with general exercise and not tri specific, so I thought I’d share a few, let me know if any apply to you or if you’ve got any of your own.

You know your addicted to triathlon/exercise when you…

spend all your time online looking at event, gear, etc.

swap lie-ins for getting up to train.

get more excited about new trainers and gear than clothes to go out in.

create spreadsheets about training in your spare time.

your bike costs more than your car and you’re happy with that (or in my case you’d happily save up for a bike but not a car).

your family refer to your bike by his name (If I take Alan anywhere I also have to explain that he’s an indoor bike and doesn’t like sleeping in the garden).

If you’ve got any of your own leave them in the comments below!



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