Getting Back On Track


I’ve been lackadaisical at best when it comes to keeping this blog regularly updated. As it’s about time to get back on track here’s an update and a quick look at what’s to come.


Sport Relief: The weekend went well as on Saturday I swam 2.5km (100 lengths) in 53 mins. Not bad for someone with the technique of Bambi drowning. On Sunday I ran 6 miles, it wasn’t fast in 43 mins but it showed I had some kind of endurance in me.

Training: I’ve been out cycling regularly and, although I still don’t feel that fast and haven’t really cycled that far, I’m undoubtedly a better cyclist than I’ve ever been. More of the same and I’ll be well prepared to tackle 100 miles come June. Running has been going well too. I’m slower than I was but the other day I knocked out a half marathon and it felt easy enough. So with two sides going strong there had to be a downside. After impressing myself with my sport relief swim I seemed to have given it in. This hasn’t been a conscious decision but I seem to only have found the time to go once in the last month. Needs improvement!

Sponsorship: Just Giving sites are up and sponsorship has well and truly started. With over £200 raised so far I’m nearly a quarter of the way to reaching my £1000 target. I’ve started a guess the time competition which has been very popular raising almost all the money so far. If you want to enter comment below to find out how. You can also donate by clicking here and chosing the link for your desired charity/event combo.

Looking to the future

Sponsorship plans: I’ve been looking at a number of ways to boost sponsorship as simply asking people to donate online has not been as forthcoming as I’d hoped. As mentioned my guess the time competition has been a success so I’ve looked at other ways to raise money. I’ve tried a few places to see if they would donate items for a charity auction to raise money. As the only people to get back to me so far are Derby County and considering that was to say no, it isn’t looking too hopeful at the minute. On a happier note, I’ve been trying to find business (or even people) to sponsor my challenge. I’m offering to place their logo on my t-shirt (and possibly this blog) in exchange for a donation to their pick of the three charities. If you know anyone that’s interested let me know!

Future blogs: over the coming days and weeks I’ll be updating this blog more regularly. This will include posts on why I chose each charity and hopefully I’ll be able to offer some more sports science based training tips for any interested readers.

Watch this space.



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