Fundraising Ideas


A quick post about some of the ideas I’ve had to help with fundraising and hit my target of raising £1000 split between Cancer Research UK, BLESMA and Alzheimer’s Research UK. Below are four ways that I’m trying to get people to donate. If anyone has anymore ideas, or any ways to improve the ideas I have, please feel free to comment. I need all the help I can get!

1) Online Donations

Using justgiving is the modern day equivalent of going round with a sheet of paper asking for donations. It’s got many advantages over the old school pen and paper, including allowing the money to go direct to the charity instead of it sitting around doing nothing whilst I collect more donations. One sticking point so far is that you can only donate to one charity at a time and not all three. Simple but sadly, so far, not as effective as I was hoping. If anyone reading this wants to donate this way just go to

2) Guess The Time Competition

Going old school and asking people to part with the loose change they have, and offering them the chance to win something, has been a much more tempting prospect. The overwhelming majority of donations so far has come from asking people to guess how long it’ll take me to do each event. It costs a pound per event and the closest guess wins a fiver. This worked quite well in the past so I thought I’d try it again. So far it’s been simple and effective. People have been extremely generous as well by offering more than the £3 asked. If your interested in entering, either stop me when you see me or you donate here and leave your estimated time for swim, bike and/or run in the comments.

3) Charity Auction

Last week I received event info packs from the Great North Swim and Liverpool Chester Bike Ride. In one of the packs there was some advice about fundraising so I flicked through and found a bit about trying a charity auction. It seemed like a good idea and the author of the piece suggested it’d be easy. So I eagerly emailed countless places including local businesses, sports teams, etc. asking if they could donate anything for a charity auction. Sadly I only had one reply, from Derby County, and that said no. So at the minute this idea hasn’t got off the ground. I could do with some help on this one as I don’t really know what to do next.

4) Race T-Shirt Space

The idea behind this one is that local businesses make a donation (£50 or more) in exchange for their company logo being printed on my race day t-shirt (and of course some karma points). I’ve been asking anyone I know that has a business or knows someone that does. It’s started well as the other day my boss, Jon, kindly offered £50 for Extra Time coaching to be on my shirt. I’m working on a few others too so hopefully this could raise a bit of money for some good causes.

If anyone feels they could help please get in touch by commenting on this post. Whether you’d like to donate, think you could offer something for a charity auction, would like to know more about shirt sponsorship, etc. please get in touch.



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