Event Entered: Ashbourne Triathlon


I’ve just entered the Ashbourne Triathlon. If anyone read my blog about warm up events you would know I’ve been considering it but for most events my plans haven’t materialised, mainly due to a lack of money. Luckily, I tweeted Punishing Events, the company that runs the triathlon, in they hope they might sponsor my challenge. They haven’t. But I said luckily because instead they offered me free entry to one of their races so I could then donate the entry fee. This sounded good to me so I’ve just signed up!

The triathlon is on the 11th May so I have very little time to prepare but I’m excited. I’m hoping I can smash my time from my last couple of sprint tris in 2012. It has brought up a couple of questions though, mainly about my gear.

So far I’ve steadily upgraded my kit between each race. I’m now prepared with a tri suit but I think I could do with a race belt. Last time I just pinned my number to my tri suit under my wetsuit and it stayed on fine. But this is a pool swim so I’m guessing I might need a belt?

Also, in every race I’ve done I’ve spent enough time in transition to write a small novel. If I could cut this out I could really improve my sprint PB (a not very impressive 1:16:39). So I could do with practising my transition. I’m also considering purchasing some elastic laces to save a few crucial seconds.

Hopefully I’ll have a fast race and in no way be slowed down by the fact I haven’t done any swimming, or practised running off the bike in ages, or prepared in any way at all for this race. If anyone else is doing the race let me know!



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